Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Applique

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Instagram. Oh, how I love Instagram. The amazing, unlimited talent, inspiration, and creativity on the site is outstanding. It feels like I have found ‘my people’ there. I could browse the posts for hours, taking in the patterns, colours, and creativity in all those  beautiful quilts.

Here’s the link to follow along.

I’m sharing my Mandala quilt for this . It’s made from a Violet Craft pattern, and I found it striking to the eye, and thankfully, fairly forgiving to make. This is really important to a newbie like me. What I lack in talent and skill, I like to think I make up for in enthusiasm.

Amy’s Creative Side is a blog I’ve read for a long time, and a constant source of information and inspiration. Love that this has been organised and am so excited to see all the posts. It will be great fun to follow along.

Tula Pink Cloudy Days – Part 1

If you’re familiar with Tula Pink fabric, you know how gorgeous it is. If you’re not familiar with it, you should take a look. Her prints are rich, bright, and bold. My first dive into her lines was the result of a great deal from a member of my guild, and that left me  hooked. Her fabrics are so beautiful, and were so far out of my comfort zone, but now, I find myself pulled to each line she releases.

I also picked up a copy of one of her books (Quilts From the House of Tula Pink )  , and tried one of the patterns in it – Cloudy Days. I buy my fabric mostly in fat quarters, and while I loved this quilt, the large size rain drops were not fat quarter friendly. I had a bit of yardage from one of the prints in her line, Chipper, and did manage to squeeze out one large, but the remainder were a mix of medium and small drops. I still love it. Not sure how I’m going to quilt this one, but I think I’ll give free motion quilting another shot on it.


Heart Quilt

I recently discovered a stash of Scrumptious in a local quilt shop. I’m talking a serious stash. Layer cake, jelly roll, and several charm packs. I picked up the layer cake, not quite sure if I would use it, or even keep it. But, it didn’t take long to see why the attraction to this Bonnie and Camille collection is so wide spread. It’s gorgeous.

The heart pattern is one widely available for free, and I used the one provided by Cluck-Cluck-Sew. It’s a fast and easy pattern, great for beginners, and my two oldest kids loved making their own. Not sure what they’re going to turn their hearts into, maybe pillows or pot holders, but I turned mine into this.



Sparkle Quilt 2, and an Instagram repost from MSQC! :)

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My ego may never need stroking again. To top this amazing week off, Missouri Star Quilt Company reposted my photo of my finished Sparkle quilt. If you’ve read this blog at all, you’ll quickly see how often I use their patterns. The tutorials that Jenny puts out have been so inspirational for me. I find them so well done and reachable for a newbie like myself. I am literally fan girling here over her (or their Instagram person ) reposting my photo. *sigh* Amazing.



We’re in a Magazine!?

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When you first start out quilting, there’s a plethora of resources to gain skills and inspiration from. Some of my favorites are magazines. One of my favorites of those, is American Quilter. Imagine my excitement to open up the latest issue today and see my daughter and her quilt, as well as my quilt, featured in an article in that very publication.

It.Was.Amazing. I have been sharing the news everywhere, so my apologies. The entire thing began with a writer spotting my alphabet quilt at the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts this past May and contacting me. Such a sweet lady, and she asked further questions about Little’s quilt and the children’s display. Fast forward to today, and she has photographed and featured my quilts on her blog, and now written this article where several quilts from Calgary and the Festival are being showcased for the entire reading community for AQ. So thrilling. Here’s a link to Kim’s blog.


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Sparkle Quilt

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So, by now it’s pretty clear that as a beginner quilter, one of my favorite resources are Misourri Star Quilt Company tutorials. Well, here’s another example of why.

One of MSQC’s recent tutorials on YouTube was for the Sparkle Quilt ( )  . It immediately caught my eye, and I had just the fabrics in my stash to use for it. But, I’m reversing the prints. I had a big roll of mostly low volume prints from Out of Hand (best modern fabric shop in Calgary), and knew I had to use it. I paired it with some teal polka dot fabric, and actually managed to get a start on it.

Here’s what I have so far. It won’t be done for a while, thanks to some amazing weather and fun beach days with the kids. We are so loving being in Nova Scotia for the Summer.


Mandala Quilt. Man, I like this one.

I think I have now got more projects on the go than I can reasonably finish. At least this Summer. However, this one came together so quickly and easily that I had to see it to the finish line asap.

If you haven’t seen any of the Violet Craft patterns before, take a look.  They’re beautiful and really well written. I have bought a few more of her paper piecing patterns and am really looking forward to getting started on them. This one is the Violet Craft Mandala Quilt. photo 1man2photo 1 (2)man3photo 3thumbnail_photo%205[1]thumbnail_photo%203[1]thumbnail_photo%204[1]thumbnail_photo%201[2]

The Mandala is a great way to use up some stash or favorite fabrics. I’ve already started a second one, again, using all different colourways etc. I’ve searched #mandalaquilt on Instagram, and founds lots of examples, and the ones with matchy fabrics are just as stunning.

I think this one, with all it’s flaws (operator errors), will be hung on the wall. This new house is huge and we have empty walls just crying for some love.

For now, it’s back to the pool. Enough typing on my phone. Back to Summer with the kids. ❤

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2016

Baby M’s first outing, at 5 days old, was to the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts. So many times driving by the signs for this I had scoffed and this year I (we) couldn’t wait to go. My mom was in town, and it was so much fun knowing I could finally take her to this. She had seen the ads for it, but the timing never quite worked out. And this year, Biggest Little had a big surprise for her as she and I were both first time entrants.

Biggest had heard about the show, and since her quilting interest had been awoken, she was interested in making her own quilt to have in the show. I am so proud of how dedicated she was. I know a few kids her age would have had a lot more help with their projects than she did. Big asked for direction on  each step, and I showed her, helped her get started, and watched in awe as she completed each one on her own. She truly made her quilt from start to finish. Shopping for and choosing her fabrics, cutting, piecing, and yes, even making her coordinating binding. She even used my machine to stitch a poem into her quilt.


Big completed her quilt in one big weekend, and swore me to secrecy from her Nana that we would surprise her with the fact that Big had made her own quilt and entered it by just showing it to her Nana the day we were at the Festival. What a kid. The show was great, her Nana was very surprised, and we all had a great day.



And baby makes 6…

So, the latest little Miss M wasn’t supposed to arrive until May 26th, but she decided it would be more fun to throw me under the labour bus. We ended up moving the C-section up because she’s got her Mama’s patience. She was so worth it. Perfection, and her big sisters are thrilled.

Her first official outing was at 5 days old to the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts, and her Nana from Nova Scotia came out to meet her and joined us. Baby M’s biggest sister and I both had first time entries in the show, and we just couldn’t miss it. She did great and was quite an attraction. We are loving having this new addition to our family.


Lizzy House Meadow Quilt, Part 2.

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I’m finished! Yahoo! Well, I’m finished of the baby version. The Mendicino fabric was a hit with the kids, so with lots of enthusiastic encouragement, I finished up the small Meadow for the baby.

Somehow managed to get all m pieces cut for my full-size Meadow, but I have a few other projects to finish up before I get to piecing that.

I know there have been issues for some people with the pattern for the Meadow lying flat, or rather, not. To be frank, few of my quilts are done with the precision required to lay flat, so I had no issues with the Meadow. If you’re looking for a fix, #fixmymeadow is the Instagram search you’ll want to do.

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