Mandala Quilt. Man, I like this one.

I think I have now got more projects on the go than I can reasonably finish. At least this Summer. However, this one came together so quickly and easily that I had to see it to the finish line asap.

If you haven’t seen any of the Violet Craft patterns before, take a look.  They’re beautiful and really well written. I have bought a few more of her paper piecing patterns and am really looking forward to getting started on them. This one is the Violet Craft Mandala Quilt. photo 1man2photo 1 (2)man3photo 3thumbnail_photo%205[1]thumbnail_photo%203[1]thumbnail_photo%204[1]thumbnail_photo%201[2]

The Mandala is a great way to use up some stash or favorite fabrics. I’ve already started a second one, again, using all different colourways etc. I’ve searched #mandalaquilt on Instagram, and founds lots of examples, and the ones with matchy fabrics are just as stunning.

I think this one, with all it’s flaws (operator errors), will be hung on the wall. This new house is huge and we have empty walls just crying for some love.

For now, it’s back to the pool. Enough typing on my phone. Back to Summer with the kids. ❤

Lizzy House, and the Meadow Quilt Part 1

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Where do I start? I was browsing Pinterest one night, and a particular quilt caught my eye. Like, really caught it. I had to make it. Immediately. It spoke to me on many levels and was just so beautiful. After days of looking for the pattern, I asked the lovely ladies of my guild (  )  on our FB page if anyone knew where to buy the Lizzy House  ( )   “Meadow” pattern.

I found out pretty quickly that there is no pattern. Cue the waterworks. The only way to make a Meadow quilt is to attend a class on it taught by Lizzy, or have her come to you and teach a group. Well, cue more waterworks upon finding out that Lizzy was planning on retiring the pattern and taking a much deserved break. The odds were not in our favor.

QuiltCon, and some determined ladies in my guild, who also had this on their quilty bucket list, made contact with Lizzy. Just a few short weeks later, Lizzy was coming to Calgary. Dreams come true much? Yes.

Lizzy came to Calgary to the Threaducation Centre (amazing place by the way ), and taught three full days of Meadow classes. I believe I heard one person even flew in from New Zealand just to take it.

Lizzy is funny, real, and was incredibly open with everyone in attendance. The day was awesome, as were the ladies attending. All in all, it was such a great experience. I now understand why the pattern is passed on in the traditional hands on way, and I couldn’t agree more. It was a gift, and I will treasure it.  I’m so grateful that the stars aligned, and this was able to take place. I’ve been suffering with debilitating pregnancy related nausea on and off for the last month, and literally prayed to be well enough to attend this class. If you ever have the chance to attend one of Lizzy’s classes – take it! You will be so glad you did.

Please, be forgiving of my photos. I have never been strict with myself about seam allowances, but they’re very important with this quilt. I have a long way to go, and spent yesterday completing a 9 block version for a baby quilt. I’m happy to report that being careful about the  basics have paid off, and each block was better than the last. So, don’t let my crooked lines etc. be any indication of the Meadow quilt. Lizzy’s technique is flawless, my skills on the other hand, have a way to go. But, making a beauty like this sure makes the trip enjoyable.