I’m a mom to four beautiful girls, wife to the best husband ever, and a quilter who much prefers finished to perfect. Originally from PEI, spent the last 8 years in Calgary, now living in Nova Scotia for the duration of my maternity leave. I’m mostly self-taught and learning as I go. I’m drawn to relatively simple patterns and love using modern fabrics. Thanks for checking out my work. If you’re a member of the Quilt Police, move along. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just enjoyed reading your blog. Your mom showed me where to find it. Love the quilts and the commentary. So glad to see that you allow your little girls to play and cuddle your quilts. All quilts should be loved, used and cuddled and not hide away in a drawer or box. Your “old” PEI neighbour. Judy Thompson


  2. I need help with the Tula Nova quilt. Just started and not sure about how you’d decided the colors/fabrics from her collection. And I don’t know how to sew those outside hexagons to center piece then each other. This is my first EPP piece–went to a day long workshop with her; she’s quite the standup comic and, oh, so talented!

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