Happy Christmas Quilt via Maker Valley/ Stately Type

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So, the quilt world is full of awesome people who not only share their love of the art, but occasionally surprise others by buying you a pattern they think you would love. Someone recently surprised me with this Happy Christmas pattern from Maker Valley/Stately Type. As soon as I opened the file, my 12 year old and I both said “The edges look like candy canes!” which, in our house, are Christmas J’s because my husband’s  name starts with J and he likes to think the candy canes are all about him. Love that guy.

Anyway, we started to pull some Christmas fabric and prepare to make this beauty. I love how simple it is, and the kids had a ball placing the squares out all over the floor of the sewing room. It was like a giant quilty puzzle.

The best part was that it came as a  PDF download. Time is so scarce this time of year, and I was thrilled to be able to share a pattern that you don’t need to have shipped. Here’s where you can find it, as well as some really cute quilting t shirts to sport.

Happy Christmas Quilt Pattern – Downloadable PDF

And  as always, here are some pics of how mine came together. Still have to baste and actually quilt it, but so far, this one is a victory because it’s pieced before Easter. 😛



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