Basting Makes Me Sweary

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I loathe basting. LOATHE. I swear more when  I’m basting than I do when I’m driving. And that, my bloggy friends, is saying something. (continue reading below)basting1basting2I’m not sure this is even a strong enough word for the level of my dislike to this admittedly necessary step in the quilting process. If I could cue some Cinderellaesque forest creatures to complete the task for me, I gladly would. EVEN if it mean cleaning up after the little buggers for an indefinite period of time.

“Oh, you pooped on the carrot section of my garden? But, you basted my #patchworkswoon quilt for the #swoonalong? Carry on, little forest friend. I’ve got it.”

I’m not sure what’s worse. A diaper blowout from my now 8 month old, or trying to piece the backing for the heart quilt I chopped up my beloved Scrumptious jelly roll for. It’s a close call.

I did see, in the wild world of Pinterest, (hey, MIL, enjoying this post?) that they suggested rolling the layers in a giant roll. Well, the lovelies at my local chain fabric store were kind enough to give me a giant roll that was headed for the landfill. So, I tried it, and it’s an improvement. But for real, if any of you are working on a profound device to make basting these beauties any easier, get on with it already. There’s a market. I effing promise.


3 thoughts on “Basting Makes Me Sweary

  1. Hi Charla: Just wondering if you would send me your e-mail so that I can send you the monthly activities of the Sackville Quilt Guild. Then you could jump in on anything that interests you (or you have time for!!).


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