Patchwork Swoon, Part 1

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It’s no secret that I adore Instagram. Endless inspiration comes from every angle there. As it turns out, so does a swift kick to the arse to get me sewing. There are several sew alongs that I would love to participate in. What’s a sew along? On Instagram, it’s where who ever would like to, commits to completing a project and updating their progress with  photos using the same hashtag as others who are committed to the same sew along.

One of the ones I joined this year is #swoonalong . Swoon is a quilt pattern designed by Camille Rosekelley of Bonnie & Camille. Currently, there are four versions of the pattern. The original, mini, 16, and patchwork. I had started an original Swoon last year, but only ever finished three blocks. The blocks are big, and at the time I was sewing on my dining room table and packing it up each time we had a meal was getting frustrating. Eventually, it was placed in a bin for ‘later’. The #swoonalong was great for getting me back at it. It is so helpful and inspiring to scroll through all the gorgeous blocks, colour combinations, and works of everyone taking part. Kind of like how Show and Tell at a guild meeting puts you in the mood to sew, so can a sew along.

When I signed up, I had no intention of doing a Patchwork version, but after seeing all the photos of how beautiful they turn out, and having a jelly roll of Scrumptious on hand, I started and was finished the top in just a few days.

Here’s some photos of the process.



This Old Bag, Made a Bag 

Bags. With four kids, I’m always looking for a good bag to keep my stuff in. I’m also always looking for a bigger and better bag to carry everyone else’s stuff in. Cue Swoon patterns. They’re cute, there’s lots to choose from, and some are free.

I admit complete ignorance when it came to interfacing. That stuff was just the shelf at all the fabric stores with odd thickness pieces of shades of white stuff I knew nothing about. I still know next to nothing about it, but thankfully the Swoon pattern laid it all out in terms I could follow.

I choose the Swoon Ethel for my first attempt, and I’m pretty pleased with how quickly and easily it came together.

If you attempt a Swoon Pattern for a bag, there are lots of helpful tutorials both on YouTube and on blogs to help you on your way.