Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Applique

My Instagram @charlamacphee

Instagram. Oh, how I love Instagram. The amazing, unlimited talent, inspiration, and creativity on the site is outstanding. It feels like I have found ‘my people’ there. I could browse the posts for hours, taking in the patterns, colours, and creativity in all those  beautiful quilts.

Here’s the link to follow along.

I’m sharing my Mandala quilt for this . It’s made from a Violet Craft pattern, and I found it striking to the eye, and thankfully, fairly forgiving to make. This is really important to a newbie like me. What I lack in talent and skill, I like to think I make up for in enthusiasm.

Amy’s Creative Side is a blog I’ve read for a long time, and a constant source of information and inspiration. Love that this has been organised and am so excited to see all the posts. It will be great fun to follow along.

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