Vintage Farmgirl Challenge Accepted. Wait! Stop! I’m a city girl now. Oh geez.

This could go so many ways. A local quilt shop, my new favorite (more as to why in a minute) Out of Hand in Calgary has put forth this Summer challenge/block package. A Bee in My Bonnet author of the Farmgirl Vintage book has created wonderful beautifully simple blocks in her latest book. Out of Hand is selling weekly kits with 4 blocks each to complete the quilt on the cover. For someone like me, who can rarely, if ever, attend a class etc, this is an awesome chance to get way WAY out of my comfort zone.

I just picked up week 6 today, so clearly, it’s time to begin week 1 block 1. 😛 Don’t look too closely. My cutting, ironing, and sewing skills are still, well, I’m not even sure if at this point they would qualify as skills. But hey, the block is done. Like I said, just don’t look too closely. I may have taken the vintage to mean crooked.



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