Sewing Machine? Check. Thread? Check. Saran Wrap? Uh…Check?

What the what? You’re going to quilt with Saran Wrap? I sure am. Press n Seal to be truthful. My husband had the foresight, and generosity, to know I would want a machine with BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator). He may have overestimated my skill set. Not to worry. I saw a pin somewhere on how you an trace a pattern on to the PressnSeal and then quilt over top of it. Worth a shot. Especially for me since I have awful handwriting which can only translate to terrible FMQ (free motion quitling). Wanna know something? It works. Really well. I do not have a surgeons hands, but it works.

Picked up this little gem at a bookstore. SO MANY ideas in here to make it more than worthwhile to purchase.


Traced my little flower…


Okay… I forgot to take a pic of this one before I traced another, so the pics don’t exactly match. #mombrain.


Voila! Nowhere near perfect, but it’s got cotton batting, so the wrinkles will hide any imperfections. Mostly. What a great theory. I wish it applied to my face (wrinkles hiding imperfections).



4 thoughts on “Sewing Machine? Check. Thread? Check. Saran Wrap? Uh…Check?

  1. Great idea!! I’m making blankets for my grandsons and would love to FMQ but I’m not confident enough in my ability. Having the pattern on Press n seal should give me the push I need. Does it stick to the fabric well enough? Do you still need to wear machiners gloves for moving the fabric?

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  2. O.K. – you’ve now got me hooked. I want to try this. First though, I must find some fabric and choose a pattern. Ah, time to put the kettle on. I’m motivated.

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