Sewing Machine? Check. Thread? Check. Saran Wrap? Uh…Check?

What the what? You’re going to quilt with Saran Wrap? I sure am. Press n Seal to be truthful. My husband had the foresight, and generosity, to know I would want a machine with BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator). He may have overestimated my skill set. Not to worry. I saw a pin somewhere on how you an trace a pattern on to the PressnSeal and then quilt over top of it. Worth a shot. Especially for me since I have awful handwriting which can only translate to terrible FMQ (free motion quitling). Wanna know something? It works. Really well. I do not have a surgeons hands, but it works.

Picked up this little gem at a bookstore. SO MANY ideas in here to make it more than worthwhile to purchase.


Traced my little flower…


Okay… I forgot to take a pic of this one before I traced another, so the pics don’t exactly match. #mombrain.


Voila! Nowhere near perfect, but it’s got cotton batting, so the wrinkles will hide any imperfections. Mostly. What a great theory. I wish it applied to my face (wrinkles hiding imperfections).


It’s Coming Right Along

The weather has been so hot here the last few days (+30C), and today it has finally cooled off. I am looking forward to getting these rows sewed together with the windows open and not hearing the ac run. Have I mentioned how in love with this fabric line I am? Swoon!

I am really pleased with how quick and simple, but beautiful, this pattern is.

Just in case you missed it, both the fabric and pattern are by Moda. The fabric line is Ambleside and the pattern is Cartwheels from the Moda Bake Shop, found here.




What Was Old, Is New Again

photo 12Ever since I can remember, I have loved snuggling under quilts at my Grandmother’s house. She’d tell me who once wore the dress that the quilt fabrics had been made from. It seemed so magical that something that was once an article of clothing could become a quilt. To this day, I adore vintage fabrics, as well as vintage looking fabrics. Moda’s recent release Ambleside caught my eye immediately.


photo 13

photo 14

And so, my first attempt at a jelly roll quilt using Ambleside and the Moda Cartwheels pattern, found here .

First Half Marathon…

I did it. My big mouth and I had some wine New Year’s Eve and I signed up for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Half Marathon race. I pinned and pinned and pinned training plans – and stuck to none of them. Hey, life with three kids was a little busier than I had anticipated. BUT, I figured since my big mouth signed me up, my big arse would drag it across the finish line. And so I did it. I didn’t run the whole thing, by any stretch of the imagination, but I did run a good portion of the first 10k. Not bad considering I trained zero. I had to walk the entire last 11K, but that just means when I stick to my guns and get my arse in gear for the next one, IT will be my first half marathon run. And surely I can PR to beat this one. 27012015S1_793608_1118_0017