My Mom, My Teacher

IMG_3145 This is my mom. She’s awesome. My whole life, she has taken her few quiet moments to hide away in her sewing room and make beautiful things. When she came out to visit us last Summer, she really helped my oldest and I learn to sew. Big Little has always loved mermaids, and wanted a mermaid tail of her own.  Last Summer she and my mom made one she could wear swimming in the backyard pool. Well, what a gift. It not only fulfilled Big Little’s dream of being a ‘real’ mermaid, it made full on sewers out of all of us.

From there, we’ve made a few bags, another mermaid tail, some mermaid tail blankets, and our hunt for our next project is never more than a quick hop over to Pinterest away.

Thanks Mom/Nana. We love you.

Here are some photos of the handmade by my Mom quilt that she brought out for the birth of Littlest Little.

img_8081 img_8076

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