Heritage Park Festival of Quilts – yeah, we went. :)

Oh my! Every year, we would see the banners, hear the hype, and think “That’s not a weekend to go to Heritage Park”. But, now that we’ve been bitten by the quilting bug, Biggest Little and I had booked with hubby our day for just her and I to go explore and take in all the quilts. We were not disappointed.

We purchased our tickets ahead of time at a local quilting shop, Along Came Quilting, and we were on our way. First stop was straight to the vendor’s market. I was hoping to find some pre-cuts and it did not disappoint. Wow. So many different patterns, kits, notions, and fabric to be found. I highly recommend hitting it up early as popular things will sell out quickly.

There was also a tent with displays by local quilting groups/guilds. I wish I had spent more time there, as now I’m looking for a local guild to join.

For those who have never been, Heritage Park is Calgary’s historic park. It’s filled with so many historical displays and staff dressed in character to ‘old times’. The quilts were set up along the front yards, fences, inside the homes on display, and hung from the downtown buildings. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to cover it. If you ever have the chance, totally go see this. Here are some photos.

img_9384 img_9385 img_9386 img_9389 img_9391 img_9392 img_9393 img_9394 img_9395 img_9396 img_9397 img_9398 img_9399 img_9400 img_9401 img_9402 img_9403 img_9404 img_9405 img_9406 img_9408 img_9410 img_9411 img_9412 img_9413 img_9414 img_9415 img_9443 img_9452 img_9453 img_9455 img_9460

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