Something old into something new – a lace doily quilt.

I have a love of all things antique. Antique furniture, quilts, photos, you name it. When I found a stash of (amazingly priced) doilies at a local antique shop, I knew I needed to make something from them. But what? First, I tried to make one of those lace doily lamps you see on Pinterest. Yeah, the ones where you blow up a balloon and put a bunch of goop over it and glue the doilies, then bust the balloon and put a hanging light inside. Beautiful. That, did not work.

So, I decided to attach them to a small quilt. I am very pleased, although some of the doilies are a bit crooked, it’s only my first try, so I’ll deal with it. 🙂






Did I mention that binding is not a strong skill of mine? Don’t worry. A quick look at the final pic and you’ll understand my struggle.


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