My First (Rag) Quilt

IMG_3223 There’s nothing like a trip to the fabric store where you fall head over heels for a fabric line. The prints, the colours, the whole look of it. I fell hard and fast for these cute flannel prints and knew I finally had to stop fighting the inevitable and just make that first quilt.

I had bought my first sewing machine a year earlier, my trusty Brother machine, at a local London Drugs. My mom was coming out to visit, and I thought it might be fun for her to show my oldest daughter and I a few tricks. Well, we were too busy having fun and seeing the sights for that this trip. After she had gone back home, I would look hopefully at the machine thinking just maybe if I stared hard enough, I’d suddenly know what to do with it. Well, that didn’t work. So, off to Kijiji I went in search of someone offering sewing lessons. I found a wonderful lady offering lessons from her home, and messaged her. I let her know I wasn’t a creepy internet person, but that I had a relatively newborn at home and an older daughter and no babysitters. Could she, would she come to my home? She did! Yay! I paid her for her time and in an afternoon she showed me how to turn the machine on, thread it, wind a bobbin etc and I was off and running.

Now, how the heck was I going to take this new skill and turn it into a quilt? YouTube of course! A quick search found me this video . Needless to say, I watched it several time, amazed at how easy she made it look. I was off.

I had bought my rotary cutter, a large ruler, and the biggest cutting mat I could swing at the time. I started cutting my squares, picking a batting for the middle, and choosing another oh so pretty flannel for the backing. It started out fairly easily, but somewhere along the way, with two kids underfoot, I got a little distracted and sewed the rows together – half of them backwards. It was an easy fix, albeit frustrating, but I’ll probably never make that mistake again. 🙂 Middle Little loved it when it was finished, and in the end, that’s all that matters. Here are some photos of the process.

img_7493 img_7494 img_7495 img_7496 img_7497 img_7498 img_7499



See that? Yeah, I sewed half of the rows incorrectly. Sigh. Now is a good time to suggest you invest in a great seam ripper if you’re just starting out. 🙂



Time to start snipping. This is what causes the beautiful (and forgiving) brushed seams. They get softer and softer with wear and washing.

IMG_7506 IMG_7513

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